Week nine of ‘no pain no gain’ with Anna Keeble the miracle worker

I just wanted to start off and say a huge thank you to Anna (www.annakeeble.co.uk) for giving me the kick start to get back in shape and to say I have really enjoyed the last nine weeks and looking forward to many more in 2012.

Good vs. Bad Posture

On week one, it wasn’t about loosing weight with the exercise as that usually happens naturally as you learn about your body and what it needs to survive, which I have learnt is breakfast 30 minutes after getting up and then cutting down on carbs especially in the evening.   My main goal though was to work on my posture so, I didn’t become the Hunchback of Notre Dame aged 41, and to have more flexibility.     I can safely say with the help of Dr Luther Moss and Anna’s hard work, it’s looking good if I say so myself.  So, thank you.

One think I have also noticed, is that I am a lot more aware of the way I sit and stand and only yesterday I found myself returning home to get a scarf to stop me scrunching up my shoulders because if I hadn’t, by the time I had walked the 30 minutes my body would have frozen into this shape and I don’t even want to know what Dr Luther Moss would have said! 

So, today was session nine of my ‘no pain no gain’ session and Anna said it would be reflected as a ‘no comment’ session.    I am learning fast as I respond yes to where I am feeling the pain but when asked if I could increase the repetitions or weights I merely say ‘no comment’ in the hope that is neither more please or stop now.

Today, saw the return of the lunges with weights which I have to confess have grown on me.  We were concentrating on the upper body and core so weights played a huge part.   So, the homework is in full swing already as I need to ensure the shoulders and triceps do not cease up resulting that I can’t carry anything over the next few days.   I did notice the weights increased slightly but it is ‘no pain no gain’ so I endured it.     Anna introduced the weight bench, something I hadn’t used before which was fun though straight from this to being on all fours and doing a triceps curl (elbow fixed and then lifting the hand with a weight back to make it straight) and it was the other arm keeping me balanced that was having the odd wobble but I managed the repetitions which also included bicep curls.

The kettle balls were introduced again but with the heavier weight though once I got into the pendulum motion and thrusting forward the weight seemed to even itself out.  Tip to myself though, don’t slow down when a person walks behind you  and then try to pick up momentum again as it doesn’t work, as suddenly the lower back kicks in and that is not the technique associated with the kettle balls.

I also had my bum burning exercises to do and again it went from 40 to 50 on the second repetition but trust me everyone, this is great for toning and lets face it, we all have issues with our behinds!

Then, it was cool down and my minute of sits up on the Bosu which I am pretty impressed with as I know realise if I tuck my arms behind my ears it keeps me upright.    What I have learnt over the last nine weeks is not to rush but get the technique 100% right and that would be my tip to all of you, less is best when done correctly.

I now have a break of almost two weeks which is going to be test.   I need to stay focused on the exercises especially for the arms and back to keep the flexibility so the cat to camel exercise will be a key player to keeping the back and chest open.     So, I have said to myself I must do a minimum of 20 minutes exercise a day, no excuses and thank goodness the forecast is good for Christmas.   In fact as Dr Luther pointed out to me, an hours session with a personal trainer is more like a five hour gym workout if you were on your own.

Again, a huge thanks to my mentor, Anna Keeble for getting me back on track to having that healthy balance.     So, if you need a kick start look no further than Anna Keeble, Get Fit for Purpose.  www.annakeeble.co.uk.

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