Party Planner, Sarah Ducker with Sarah Walker, BBC Berkshire on ‘Hosting a Christmas Party at Home’

Party Planner, Sarah Ducker by Leonie Schwartz

This morning, Party Planner Sarah Ducker of SJD Events Limited was on the ‘Weekend Warmer’ with Sarah Walker on BBC Berkshire to share her tips for ‘Hosting a Christmas at Home’.

Sarah Ducker, Party and Wedding Planner was invited to the BBC head quarters studio in Caversham, Reading to share tips with Sarah live.    It was lovely to see Sarah Walker as hadn’t seen in her in almost two years since she got married and had a baby so nice to catch up.

To hear the interview please click on the following link and go to 11.15am and listen.

However, here are a few tips for ‘Hosting a Christmas at Home’ that Sarah Ducker would like to share with you:

  1. If you don’t have enough glassware then consider hiring it in.    My top tip would be to contact Place Settings in Henley who would provide all the glassware clean and polished and you return dirty – a bonus worth the extra money, trust me.
  2. Always remember the non-drinkers when planning a party as just providing fizzy water or OJ isn’t enough today as there are so many great options out their.  Check out the range of products by Bottlegreen.
  3. Decorate the house to make it festive but don’t go overboard.  My tip for creating the perfect ambience is use fairy lights and candles as it creates the perfect non harsh effect.
  4. Be organised with music, create a full play list.  From background music to start, to party music for a couple of hours in and, then wind down music for the end.
  5. Make sure you have a space for coats and if it’s wet and muddy somewhere for boots.
  6. Top tip remember to put extra toilet rolls in the toilets and hand towels and soap.
  7. Be organised in the fridge and clear it out so plenty of space for the wine and food.
  8. Ensure you have ice for the white wine and beers if no room in the fridge.   Tip do not put it all in ice you need to have a split of half water and half ice.  Also, remember the red wine needs to be at room temperature.
  9. If you can buy screw cap wine it is a bonus as the cork screw always goes missing at a party.
  10. Have plenty of bin liners on standby for the end of the night to clear up.   You may have to forget the recycling policy for just one day.
  11. If you buy in the food make it personable with your serving plates and decorate with flowers or baubles – be imaginative.
  12. If you are having children at the party do not expect them to endure adult company unless it is family.   And,  if you do not have children yourself to ensure your friends have fun, create a separate children’s area.  All you need is a couple of DVD’s and snacks and let them have their own party.

To end,  all I would like to say for hosting the perfect party at home over the festive season is, ‘Be Prepared, Be Flexible and most importantly Enjoy’ because remember your friends have come to spend time with you and not the food and drink.

If after the festive season as you start 2012 and reflect on the party you hosted and decide never again, it was just too stressful then next time call in a professional.  So, make a note of my name and number, it is Sarah Ducker of SJD Events Limited.


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