Wedding Insurance should I? Or do you think, it will never happen to me!

Wedding Insurance is one of the most fundamental elements to the wedding and it doesn’t have to be expensive but it gives you ‘peace of mind’.   I always use an example when explaining to my couples as a wedding planner (SJD Events Limited) that they should look at it as no more than the cost of three bottles of champagne which in the thick of things is nothing.      

Wedding Insurance provides financial protection in case something goes wrong and should be taken out at the start before any deposits are paid.     I mean would you consider not taking our house insurance or car insurance or holiday insurance?

Over the summer,  I had a couple of weddings where wedding insurance gave came to the rescue.  

The first incident was when the brides dress was not finished on time by the dress designer. So, with only 12 hours till the ceremony we had to come up with a plan B and create a wedding dress from scratch.   Fortunately, the bride was relaxed or maybe it was shock but we managed a replacement dress and she looked stunning.     The guests were none the wiser but I knew it was disappointing by her husband said ‘he’d have loved her if she turned up in bin liners’.     The compensation didn’t replace the ‘fairytale’ wedding dress she had created with the designer but the wedding insurance paid for the replacement.    

Then, I had another bride who due to an illness it was touch and go whether it would go ahead and it was only 24 hours before the wedding that it was confirmed we could go ahead so you imagine the stress levels, emotions and tension was high.    The wedding insurance obviously doesn’t cover stress and emotions but it did give them some comfort should they have had to cancel.

When choosing Wedding Insurance you do need to shop around for cover as it depends on the style of your wedding.   So, whether you go for a high street cover such as John Lewis or a specialist such as Hiscox or Event-Insurance do get online quotes first.

Here are just a few common wedding mishaps which the insurance covers:

  • The lavish wedding cake is dropped.   

This almost happened to me about 7 years ago after the couple had cut the cake and I was carrying it to the kitchen.  Basically it started to wobbly and unfortunately or should I say fortunately instead of going forward it came back and stuck to my dress.   I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, as I was covered in chocolate cigarettes but fortunately the couple saw the funny side of it as did the guests.

  • A supplier becomes insolvent.  

This is unfortunately extremely common in the present climate so my tip is if paying for any goods ensures you use your credit card as this can assist with a claim.

  • The rings are lost. 

Oh yes , I have experienced this many years ago when the groom and best man had gone for a drink in the pub beforehand and the rings dropped out of the box down a crack in a floor board or at least that was the story!   Anyway, as you can imagine the best man was beside himself and we had only 30 minutes to come up with a plan.  So, thank goodness for the chef at the venue who had a ring not a wedding band more like a skull and bones, but it was more to do with the size was right.  And, for the bride we had to borrow her step mothers, note to myself not a good move and now I have a few cheap rings from Marks & Spencers as back up.   When it came to the ceremony I have to say the bride did handle it relatively well.

  • A supplier doesn’t turn up.  


  • A guest has an accident.   

This can be very beneficial as unfortunately friends change if an incident and I have heard some horror stories from insurance companies.

My advice to all my couples is Insurance = Peace of Mind so don’t ponder on it just get it.

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  1. Oh how very true. The few dollars they spend is more than worth the heartache.

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