No Pain No Gain with Anna Keeble is back on track

After that small blip in my training I thought I would suffer but thank goodness doing my homework exercises paid off and apart from the odd twinge in the arms when carrying the shopping I was fine.

This morning was my eighth session and I am still loving it and really starting to feel the benefits as my body is more flexible and I can certainly see that my body shape has changed for the best so, if you need that kick-start ‘To Get Fit For Purpose’ you need to contact Anna Keeble (

Unfortunately, I was a few minutes late due to the infamous District Line overrunning works, however Anna doesn’t let that slip and when you think the session is coming to the end she adds the extra minutes!

The lunges were back today but with weights this time and whereas the lunges are not my favourite they do work wonders for the bum.    We also did weights with the bar followed by my favourite as it was full on for working the arms today and boy do you feel it.   I really must learn to keep quite when asked if I need additional weight but, then saying that I couldn’t have Anna doing double mine!

I had a break through with the press ups but without the medicine ball,  it is all about the technique and pushing the hips forward and you impress.

Then came the pelvic thrusts with the new exercise which was an interesting one as I was introduced to the ‘kettle balls’.   Interesting, as it is like a pendulum type motion.   However the idea is not to let the arms go to high so, you are tricked at first as the first set is easy and then comes the 12kg kettle ball and boy do you feel it.   This one I am not sure about but it obviously replaced my ‘dead angel’ as I didn’t get to do that today.

The cool down again is just as important as the warm up and I finished up on the Bosu with a minute of sit ups and again felt my bum and core working overtime.

After the session with Anna I went to see Dr Luther Moss and was really chuffed as after 6 sessions with him he can see the flexibility in my arms/shoulder and upper body so hooray it is all paying off my motto of ‘no pain no gain’.    

I just need to work on not locking my knees when I am standing for long periods and putting added pressure on the lower back and concentrating on the core (stomach) but all takes time.

As, I sit at my computer now with my new purchase today, the balance cushion and after 10 minutes I am hooked as anything that helps with my posture is a winner.

So, homework is the call of the week till the next session and continuing to eat healthily not skipping meals as that is the worse think I can do.

Check out Anna’s website at she has vouchers for friends and family.

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