A symbolic element of any Wedding Celebration is the cake

Bow Belle Cake Design by Nicola Hall Cakes

The wedding cake is symbolic at a Wedding and the ritual of cutting the cake and sharing a piece of the cake is important.  

The traditional fruit cake as a wedding cake where the top tier was saved for the christening has changed.   Now the fruit cake has competition in the form of flavoured tiers to individual cup cakes but the cutting ceremony is still an important part of the wedding breakfast celebrations.

When you choose a wedding cake remember two things that it isn’t all about the visual impact but the taste is just as important.   A tip of how to get a ‘wow’ with creating a statement piece is that you can add polystyrene tiers which to the eye you wouldn’t know were fake.

For inspiration on getting the wedding cake of your dreams visit Nicola Hall the acclaimed cakes designer’s website www.nicolahall.com.     You will not be disappointed.

Some people now incorporate the wedding cake as part of their wedding breakfast and serve it as part of the desert but be careful as it doesn’t always mean that the menu cost will be reduced.  A tip if you decide to choose to have your wedding cake as dessert then you need to accompany it with some seasonal mixed berries, coulis and cream or ice cream.  And, when ordering it a canape portion (two fingers) will be sufficient not a portion.

Lastly, I just wanted to share a funny story about a wedding cake from a wedding I did over the summer, when the venue mistakenly packed up the polystyrene tier as well as the top tier and it was sent home.  However, as their were two tiers returned her mother decided to invite some friends around for tea and wedding cake only to discover when she tried to cut it that is was in fact polystyrene, she had wondered why it was so light!

On Monday 6th February 2012, Nicola Hall of Hall of Cakes will be at ‘I Do’ Wedding and Bridal Show at 1 Lombard Street where she will be on hand to give expert advice.  For more details visit www.1lombardstreet.com/weddings.

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