How to network at parties … by Flic Everett for Life & Style (Daily Mail)

What a great article written for Life & Style in the Daily Mail today (Monday 5th December) by Flic Everett.

I can’t agree more with her as an Event Planner myself (SJD Events Limited) her tips certainly resonate with me.

So here we go:

Party Time


  • Make a party plan ~ The tip is to know what you want to achieve and set some goals.     I couldn’t agree more and when I attend a networking event, I also start off with goals.   I always say to myself that I want to meet at least two new contacts and that when catching up with fellow colleagues that I will keep it short and sweet and not fall into the trap of sticking with people I know.


  • Choose safe topics ~ We have all been there when that one extra glass of champagne or wine has been consumed and the conversation turns to inappropriate.   So, if you have had one too many keep it too non business topics and don’t get personal.  Remember, no politics and religion but sport, holidays and TV shows are usually safe.


  • Don’t pitch at parties ~ It goes without saying when in a ‘social ‘ gathering keep it light and don’t do hard sales as it puts people right off.  If they give you a business card you can always follow it up a couple of days later.


  • Follow the 3D rule – DRINK / DRESS and DINE ~ If the event is business related but social, remember that the little black dress for a friends 40th might not be right for the company party.  As Flic says, ‘a little bit of sparkle with an elegant cut that keeps at least two-thirds of the body covered’ is a winner.   It might be a social gathering but first impressions still count.   With reference to ‘drink’ opt for alternating between alcohol and water as you don’t want to be the talk of the event for the wrong reason.  When it comes to ‘Dine’ a word of wisdom, if you don’t know the format then line your stomach.  If its canapés only take ones that you can eat in one and that aren’t messy.


  • Leave on time ~ Never be the last one to leave.  I believe the rule of thumb is to leave wanting more but knowing that it is best to walk out with your head held high than it between your tail.  Trust me as a wedding and event planner (SJD Events Limited) I have seen many a person whom when offered a coffee or taxi just don’t get the hint.  If you want to make an impression think along the lines of leaving people wanting to know more, ‘intrigued’.

Party season is upon us so make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your wits about.  So, be safe as when you have had a drink sometimes one thinks they are indestructible but actually you are at the most vulnerable.

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