We look after our Teeth and Eyes but what about our Spine?

I recently attended a networking meeting and heard a representative from ML Chiropractic who are based on the Fulham Road, stand up and make a statement that was so true ‘You all look after your teeth and your eyes but how many of you look after your spine?’

How true is that, as I think we can all put our hands on our hearts and say that when it comes to the spine we only tend to seek advice when we have an injury.

However, as part of my fitness kick-start with Anna Keeble of ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ she suggested a ‘Chiropractic Wellness Check’ so I signed up with Dr Luther Moss.

Chiropractor, Dr Luther Moss of ML Chiropractic.

I have visited a chiropractic practice before but this was a totally different experience as it was not for an injury.   Their was an in-depth questionnaire to complete before the assessment which was great and I liked that you could colour the areas of the body diagram where you had issues.

The actual physical assessment was about 45 minutes where Dr Luther went through all the points and explained more about what chiropractors did.   I was weighed but not on one scale but two, one for each side of my body and I also had a para-spinal scan.

At the follow up appointment I was presented with a detailed document of their findings and various images.    So, it was then that I established that my left hand side of the body weighed more than the right which was rather freaky.   And, the areas were identified that required work to assist with flexibility which in turn would correct my spine.

My posture has always been an issue and at 41 I was not sure if could be corrected but with simple exercises and some manipulation I have been assured it will change.

So, my mission has started to look after my spine, and I am really trying to sleep on my back where possible and certainly not my front.   I am trying to walk tall looking up and forward rather than down at my feet and actually it is a lot more sensible so training brain.  I am also training myself to not sit at the computer for longer than 45 minutes at a time and do stretches to keep flexible.

The chiropractic work that Dr Luther Moss of ML Chiropractic is carrying out all goes hand in hand with exercise and even ones diet.  So, with a few changes we are getting their but I know it won’t be overnight.  

If you haven’t given your spine some attention recently or you want to give someone a voucher then I would suggest a ‘spine health check’ at ML Chiropractic.   And,  if you mention a friend you can get a discount so check it out.


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