It is all about working through the pain barrier ‘No Pain No Gain’ with Anna Keeble

Today was the sixth session I have had with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose and since my last session I did suffer slightly with my triceps and my right knee but it didn’t mean an easier session.   

It was explained to me that when restarting exercise you need to wake up the different muscles and you may cause a small tear and then it heals and then you exercise again and you open it up so, each time you have pain it’s actually helping.   Now, did I believe that at the time as last Saturday I almost needed to be wrenched up and down but I worked through the pain barrier as my motto is ‘No Pain No Gain’.   Though, after carrying the shopping home from Sainsbury’s on Saturday, boy did I feel that.  And, before any rude comments I do carry shopping regularly.

So, today we did some exercises to wake up the gluts (bum) and boy did that burn and then it was straight into the ‘Dead Angle’ the lovely exercise against the wall which hurt more today as the gluts were working overtime.   But, I have to say three weeks into this exercise I am finding the right side is improving so maybe an image will appear soon.

We did sets of the weights and again it was all about technique in the three stages and I really need to remember ‘bend the knees’ otherwise I am putting unnecessary strain on my lower back.   It is not only about bending the knees but sticking the bottom out so, weight back not forward.

Boxing today was sets from 10 punches to 50 punches and then in between the sets were lunges yes, no getting away from them and then squats.   Again the technique with the boxing is so key and as I get higher in the reputations, I must remember that I don’t need to stick out the elbows and throw my upper body around, all the movement should be in the hips and the punches are straight.

We then did press ups with the medicine ball and that was ok and then my favourite the ‘plank’ which actually wasn’t too bad.   We also did some lunches off the bench to work the triceps not easy but with practise it all gets easier.   Then to finish off the sit ups off the Bosu which if I say so myself I have cracked as long as I pin my arms behind the ears.

I have a new exercise for homework which is exercising the chin and I have to say since week one I have had no strain in the neck but this is all about strengthening these muscles to avoid the nodding donkey effect.  I have been trying to walk more upright and not always look down as looking straight ahead you can still see the obstacles and in fact prepare for them too.

Homework is also realising that an intense hour’s session takes the body time to readjust so cooling down for at least 3 to 4 hours afterwards is critical.

I love my sessions with Anna as she is a hard task master but she makes it fun and it is really invigorating.  My energy levels are up, I am aware of the importance of breakfast and my overall diet which all goes together.   

So, if you need that kick-start back to fitness then ‘Get Fit for a Purpose’ with Anna Keeble. or


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