Get Fit for Purpose . . . I had praise from Anna Keeble

Weights with Get Fit for Purpose, Anna Keeble

Yes, for the first time I had praise from Anna at my session earlier today so homework and focus is paying off … yipee.

Since my last update on the ‘no pain no gain’ of my training sessions I have to confess to suffering slightly last Saturday as those lovely (not) lunges took their toll.

However, the homework of exercises is paying off and we are on week five so really pleased.  In fact, I am feeling so much better for doing exercise and regulating the diet (monitoring Carb intake) though I fear the breakfast half an hour after getting up is not always achieved but boy when you do it makes such a different to the day.

So, what happened today, well first tip to myself is don’t ever arrive early again as it resulted in a session of an hour and 10 minutes and boy I knew about the additional 10 minutes.

I am progressing with the weights and today we went the whole way i.e. the three stages  so, bending down to pick up and straight up, then bending knees and taking bar to chest and then straightening the knees and using core to push bar above head.   Now, for all of those of you who are weight pros you think of that’s easy and trust me it did have weights that is fine but it is all about technique to work the right muscles. 

I had hoped that lunges would not be part of the session today however no such luck but after the third set, I had worked through the pain barrier and managed to smile.   The lunges were part of my boxing session, the bit I really love as its great for that built up aggression!      Anna was pretty impressed with me today as I got up to 40 straight punches followed by a set of 8 lunges on both legs.  Ok, it might not sound a lot but I’d like to see some of you try it.

Then, the kick boxing which is so much fun but again it is all about the technique and I have to say the pointing of the toes needs work on but I am getting their.

Then, last week I shared the ‘dead angel’ or whatever it is called, when you lean against the wall and have to raise the alternate leg up to the wall, not the most elegant but boy this week I felt it and maybe when I can do it like Anna a picture may be added.

We then did some other weight exercises for the arms and I fear I might feel it tomorrow but I keep having to say to myself ‘No pain No gain’ and that if I hadn’t left it a year since proper exercise it wouldn’t be so hard.

The lactic acid was certainly woken up in my body today and so the cool down was key and I left on a complete high, full of energy and my brain active.

So, roll on next Wednesday for my next session.

In the meantime, it’s remembering protein at breakfast and keeping flexible and not sitting at my computer for more than half an hour at a time without some stretches.

Thanks Anna for putting me through my paces again and anyone wanting a kick up the backside needs to sign up to ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ as Anna is brilliant.

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