SJD Events Limited of Henley speaks to Bill Buckley on BBC Radio Berkshire

Sarah Ducker, Wedding Planner of SJD Events Limited from Henley, spoke to Bill Buckley on BBC Radio Berkshire earlier on Ernie Ecclestone’s shock with regards to his daughter, Petra’s wedding bill from his ex-wife which was over £12 million.

Was this normal?  Certainly not, but a lot of my brides do ask for my assistance for how to push the right buttons with their Dad to get that extra penny.  

I always advice my couples the importance of setting a budget and keeping it realistic.  You will always need a contingency of +/- £2,000 but remember throwing money at something doesn’t make it better or buy happiness.

On a wedding day the celebration is about the ‘couple’ and you need to remember that.   Your guests have come to be part of this celebration and whether you serve a Chateau Petrus at £4,000 a bottle or Pinot Grigio at £20.00 a bottle, will your guests judge you?  No.

When you get married you embark on a journey and it is important to focus on your priorities and vision for the celebration.  So, whether it is important to you to have a religious ceremony, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, having fireworks, wearing a Vera Wang dress, serving pink champagne throughout, if you know what you want at the beginning it’s easy to stay on track.

If you are getting stressed with the planning of your wedding and would like some assistance, SJD Events Limited offers a free hour consultation where we outline the flexible services available to work within your budget and vision.  We never take over, rather we think of ourselves as the back bone.

For more information on SJD Events Limited visit the website at

And, to hear the interview of Sarah Ducker with Bill Buckley click on then go to 1.38 where your will hear the end of Elton John’s Kiki Kiki playing and then you’ll hear me for about 7 or 8 minutes.

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