Get Fit for Purpose … puts you back on track to healthy living with exercise.

Over the past four weeks I have embarked on a journey to get fit with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose.

Now, in my fourth week the honeymoon period is over and slowly but surely the different parts of my body are being awakened and for the first time in a while actually working for me!

My motto has reverted to ‘No Pain = No Gain’ and today at a few stages in my session I was ready to scream out, but it’s all to do with endurance as well.

Today, we didn’t do the kick boxing just straight jabs and upper cuts which was great fun and the power of the right punch was so fulfilling as I got the thumb position right and hopefully it won’t suffer like last time.

We did however embark on weights and getting the technique right for picking them up and what a difference knowing the right way (lean forward/fall back).   So often one thinks we are doing something right but in fact we can be causing unnecessary damage.

Their was one rather strange exercise, maybe in time it won’t feel so weird and next time I should take a photograph but I will try to explain in words.   So, lying on the floor on one side up against a wall ensuring your buttocks and back are firmly on the wall, you have your leg bent with the knee facing out and the foot flat against the wall.   Then, you need to take the other bent leg up keeping the buttocks on the wall but trying to bring the knee to the wall.   If it sounds easy let me tell you it isn’t and I need to become a lot more flexible before it will be mastered so watch this space.

I feel so much better for the programme and the home work as it helps take away any nickels and stresses.  More importantly it has made me aware of my body and leading a balanced healthy life.    So, breakfast is the most important meal though I do confess to skipping the odd time but regulating the intake of carbohydrates at night means I am sleeping better and more energised.

A session with Anna is worth its weight in gold.   So bring it on next Friday and my next session.

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