Get Get Fit for Purpose … 2nd week and still it’s ‘no pain, no gain’ as my motto with Anna

After my first session, I didn’t necessarily break a sweat but boy did I know about it the next day.

I was slightly demoralised, as I thought that I was relatively fit as in I do walk and am not a complete food junky but sadly I suddenly received a rude awakening to parts of my body I didn’t know existed.   Well, I knew they existed but didn’t realise their importance and my glutes really got a kick start.

However, after a couple of days I was back into my routine of the exercises given to me as homework and as the week progressed, I progressed as the body responded better.

The food diary however was another matter.  When you are logging everything you eat and I mean everything, you are a lot more weary of what you consume.   So, the cheeky two rhubarb custards and after dinner mints on Saturday night while watching ‘Strictly’ had to be recorded and then a decadent chocolate mousse for lunch the other day all had to be logged and an extra few exercises were called for.

Get Fit For Purpose with Anna Keeble

I have just had my second session of an hour and it was ‘intense’ and unless you feel pain then there is no gain I say to myself, but Anna has quickly worked out how to read my body and knowing when to give that extra big push.  

I have to really work on opening up my chest and shoulders to avoid being totally round-shouldered and looking like a hunch back by the time I am 50 so, already I am conscious.   Then, the core, the muscle that doesn’t take any time to go to pot, I really need to work on so, that my core in shape core will enable me to tone the parts of the body which when you get over 40 sadly need a helping hand.

Anna Keeble is brilliant, a true professional and a really good motivator.  Once again, I have my homework for the week which has been stepped up a notch so let’s see how I am tomorrow.

No food diary this week, but I am really trying to consciously cut out some of the carbs and look to proteins and basically become ‘healthy’ in time for the Christmas indulgence.

If you need that kick start to getting back on track with having a happy / healthy balance, then I can’t recommend Anna Keeble enough and this is her website    

Next week, I fear my false security blanket will be lifted and the real work and sweat begins and I say bring it on.

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