Anna Keeble of ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ makes you do just that …

Get Fit for Purpose

The thought of exercise didn’t grab me but I knew that as I get older leaving it was not going to be helpful.  So, after meeting Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose at an Athena meeting and hearing various testimonials, I knew I had to take the plunge and so I did.

So, Anna started the induction meeting with a questionnaire which I found most in-depth and the whole session lasted for an hour as Anna ascertained my reasons for taking up exercise, to setting three realistic goals, to looking at my diet, and stress vs. lifestyle.    Of course, when I got home I stepped on the scale which was somewhat scary but my motto is ‘no pain, no gain’.    The induction was amazing and within the hour, I had already identified parts of my body which really needed a jump-start and was assured it wouldn’t be hard.

So, I left my induction feeling really positive and excited to be working with Anna who is a true professional.   On getting home I dug out a 3D body scan I had from 2003 and 2005 so we had a comparison so watch this space for 2011.

Today, was my first session of which I have signed up to 10 and the start of the infamous food diary.   I fear the logging of the food diary may be the most challenging element of the training as I will be conscious of the treats and cups of coffee though everything in moderation I hope.

Water is the first call of the day, and drinking plenty of it, something I have to put my hands up to as being rubbish too, but I now have my 50cl bottle on my desk and I am onto my second.    I have to say though after my first session all I craved was water so not bad.

For a first session it wasn’t too painful and I am definitely going back next week for more. However, I fear / I think Anna starts off gently so get to know my body so, do follow my blog updates for my progress.    We did some great stretches and after identifying the key areas in my body which needed work we got started.  So, homework, yes it doesn’t just stop in the studio and the motto of ‘no pain no gain’ carries on after the sessions.

I have to work on my core stomach muscles, my buttocks and opening up the chest and shoulders which I think is like most of you out their, caused from sitting at the computer for hours on end, or sitting badly watching telly or driving, all tell-tale signs for ones poor posture.

I am really looking forward to achieving my goals of a better posture, strengthen my core and generally toning and hopefully losing the odd pound along the way.  As Christmas is looming, in fact 10 week countdown and the little black number will be required for an outing other than work.

So, who do you know who has a ‘special’ occasion to work for or doesn’t want to start the New Year with a resolution broken in weeks, and rather than going to a gym wants to work with a true professional in a great studio located on the Fulham Road.  

Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose

Then, tell them about Anna and ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ and all the information on the programmes and what she offers are on the website at

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