Wedding Planner, Sarah Ducker steps down from Henley Ladies Who Latte

Ladies Who Latte Henley. Front Row: Anne Garrison and Gill Chappell. Back Row: Sarah Ducker and Mary Flavelle

After four and a half years as the leader of Henley Ladies Who Latte, I stepped down to hand over the reigns to Anne Garrison and Gill Chappell on Thursday 28th September.

‘Ladies Who Latte’ was the brain child of Sharon Connolly and Mary Flavelle, who over five years ago identified a niche in the market for ‘free’ networking for women in business who juggle business and children.

The ethos behind ‘Ladies Who Latte’ was very much for leaders to create a ‘safe’ environment for like-minded business women to come together, where we had no elevator pitches or speakers it was just grab a latte and mingle whether they had 10 minutes or the full two hours.

So, for me starting up in Henley on Thames was perfect and for the full four and half years worked alongside Loch Fyne, located at 20 The Market Place and their support of our group has also been greatly appreciated.

The group which meets once a month has varied in size over the years and, I recall for my first birthday we had over 70 ladies, now whether that was the prospect of cake, I don’t know but I have been extremely lucky and have had a great following with an average of 20 ladies each month and at least two or three ‘virgin networkers’ each month.   So, I must have been doing something right!

‘Ladies Who Latte’ is a very powerful networking forum and a great way for women starting out to grow their confidence, for people to make strategic alliances and for you to grow your brand.    

I didn’t realise the power of the group till I told everyone (my database of over 300) that I was stepping down and I was really touched to see over 30 ladies at my last meeting.

Below are just a few comments I received from the lovely ladies who attended my group:

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work with the group and for always being so warm and welcoming’.

‘The LWL have been brought to my attention shortly before attending my first ever meeting in Henley. I liked the relaxed, informal atmosphere.  A credit to you, that after all your years as a solo leader, you have achieved this atmosphere and making everyone welcome.’

‘With this proper foundation, long may it last.Well done!’

 ‘You have always made me feel welcome and relaxed, I find it hard to enter a room of people and you have always made the effort to say hello and greet everyone. I have learnt a lot from attending and will carry on.’

‘I just wanted to say a ‘Thank You’ to you for doing so much for the group and for keeping it going.  It is a lot of work organising these things, no matter how smoothly always run.  It must be really rewarding in some ways, otherwise you wouldn’t do it but a thankless task  in so many others.  Just wanted you to know that it is appreciated.’

So, if you want to be part of this great ‘free’ networking forum and become a Lady who Latte’s, visit the website at and check out where the meetings are near you and give it a try.

And, I’ll see you all again soon in Henley.


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