Happy Halloween with Fuschia Designs for Monday 31st October


Halloween by Fuschia Design's Online Boutique

Nicola and her sister Jacqueline of Fuschia Design have everything you could possible need for your Halloween celebration and it is all available from the online Fuschia Boutique at www.fuschiadesigns.co.uk.

Halloween Wine Labels by Fuschia Designs Online Boutique

Some of the items they have are just stunning, such as the cupcake decorating kit perfect way to spend the Sunday afternoon with the kids.   Or, if you are having your own party at home why not buy the amazing variety of labels for bottles from Spider Cider to Bone Juice and many more for wine, you’ll certainly get the party alive.   They even have a series of props from candlesticks to a crow.

And, they are offering free local delivery for orders over £15.00.

So, why not check it out and make your Halloween party one to remember and, don’t forget to add it to your favourites, so when ever you think ‘party’, you think ‘Fuschia’

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