Zarafa Design has the answer to that ‘timeless’ gift for a new Mum

Mary Ann Nelson who is the founder and creator of the masterpieces for Zarafa Design has a simply stunning range of jewellery.

But, what caught my eye the other day when having a meeting was a bracelet she had created for a dear friends daughter, following the birth of her first child.

The bracelet was so personal, everything about the couple had been incorporated, and even my friend with adding some pearls, a family heirloom, right down to the small poem that accompanied the bracelet.


Celebration Bracelet by Zarafa Designs


So, who do you know who has just had a baby and would like this type of bracelet as most affordable.


Time Piece by Zarafa Design

This piece is a simple stunning necklace; a heavy handcrafted silver bezel set with watch parts in crystal clear resin. The hands of the “clock” are arranged to record the time of birth of the baby.   This idea can also be used to make key fobs and cufflinks for the new father which is such a great idea.

So, to see this and much more of Mary Ann’s range for Zarafa visit the website at

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