Wedding Planner, Sarah Ducker of SJD Events is part of the VOWS Team

Launching on Tuesday 11th October at de Le Cuona in Walton Street is VOWS (Visualise Our Wedding Secrets).  

An event where the VOWS Team who are hand-picked wedding specialist will take you on the ‘wedding journey’.   It isn’t a sales event but an opportunity for couples to meet with wedding specialist such as myself, in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of bubbly and a few canapés and receive tips and general advice for creating a ‘stress free’ wedding experience.

Through VOWS, I have met some amazing people and I am really looking forward to working with some of those suppliers who I didn’t know over the forthcoming months.

VOWS is all about being a ‘team’ player and in my role as a Wedding Planner it is key to ensure we all ‘sing’ off the same song sheet.

For more details on VOWS visit my website at

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