Giving a speech at a wedding, and have a voice like Jane Horrocks in ‘Little Voice’?

Sheelagh McNamara of Speak-Easy

Never fear helps is at hand if you have a ‘little voice’, as the acclaimed, Sheelagh McNamara of Speak-Easy Consulting can help you empower your voice in as little as a couple of hours.

With 25 years of experience, she can help you to train your ‘little voice’ to become heard.  So, not only will you captivate your audience in the wedding guests but,  you will sound self-assured and confident when giving the speech.

Sheelagh McNamara of Speak-Easy Consulting can help ensure that when you speak, people really listen.  Sheelagh works with business leaders and politicians in the UK, Canada, USA, Switzerland and Germany.   She’s a RADA Tutor, an instructor of High Impact Presentation Skills for the Dale Carnegie Organisation worldwide and a dear friend!

My wedding tips for giving a speech to the wedding parties are: 

  • Keep it structured.
  • Remember less is best so don’t worry if it is short and sweet.
  • Keep your notes orderly.
  • Stand straight, grounded and tall.
  • Ensure you breathe.
  • Have pauses.

They may sound obvious but, so many times and I am sure you know first hand when someone likes starts to relax, liking the sound of their own voice they can tend to go on, and they loose the guest’s interest.    Or, they have reams of paper and in nervousness haven’t numbered them and loose their place.   And, we all know that if we are watching someone who fidgets constantly that we won’t be listening, rather watching.

Sheelagh McNamara who is a dear friend, may just be the best solution for delivering your perfect speech with confidence, empowering your voice so it is heard and people listen.

And, on Tuesday 20th September she is running a ‘taster’ workshop at The Holiday Inn Mayfair from 11.15am to 12.30pm where you can get a few tips and it’s only £10.00.   

For full details on Sheelagh McNamara’s company Speak – Easy Consultancy please click on

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