Lise Herud, Bespoke Tailor extraordinare



I only met Lise Herud about four months ago, through the Business Biscotti Mayfair group where I am an Ambassador and instantly we clicked as have the same business ethics and I found her to be a really professional lady.

So, I decided to order a new suit for business and what fun I am having with the overall experience.    As, I’d never had anything made before, other than a bridesmaids dress years ago but nothing like this experience which is why I can relate to my brides who get so excited with their dress fittings.

So, for the first appointment we discussed styles and what the dress needed to do i.e. be practical.    I was then measured and shocked that Lise needed so many measurements to create the masterpiece that is evolving.   The fun part was selecting the materials and colours as I wanted to steer away from the typical little black suit and bring some colour into my image on the day of an event, and I think when its finished you’ll agree its stunning, if I say so myself.

Anyway, on Monday I went for my first fitting not really knowing what to expect and was blown away.    I was dressed in my suit but in a cream calico and after 2 hours it was over and now I just can’t wait for the actual finished outfit in a few weeks time.

The beauty of the calico mock up dress and jacket was that Lise could cut the seams and re pin to my body shape.    So, on the dress we lowered the neckline, added more space under the arms and put in additional seams on the back and front to define the details.   But, when we put the jacket on it was a different story, as we had more cutting and pasting as we changed the neckline, went from a full sleeve to ¾ sleeve, added a seam over the bust and changed the shoulders line.  

It was great fun and great to experience first hand, Lise Herud’s professionalism.   Maybe this is not an experience new to all of you but, let me tell you, if you need a bespoke tailor-made suit, shire or dress, then you need to contact Lise Herud.

Lise offers a wide range of services for both men and women and it’s affordable.  

I also saw a wedding dress she is working on and again was blown away by all the detail and the corset work.   

Also, I saw some amazing mother of the bride outfits, a one stop shop for the bridal party.

So, take a look at her website and watch this space for further updates on my fittings and to see the final outfit.

Lise Herud is also on board the VOWS Team working alongside Lynn Crean and Rob Hedderwicks and you can meet her first hand on Tuesday 11th October at de Le Cuona.


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