Lynn Crean, the Wedding Dress Finder can make your bridal shopping experience a dream

Lynn Crean, The London Wedding Dress Finder

Lynn Crean, The London Wedding Dress Finder recently gave an interview with ‘5 Star Wedding’ who offer inspiration to couples embarking on their wedding journey, being  the leaders in wedding luxury.

Lynn gave her story from why she started her business, to what personal service The London Wedding Dress Finder offers the bride and much, much more.  So, for the full story click on the link and read it for yourself as it really gives you a great insight in to what Lynn can do for you.

This is just a taster from her interview, that I believe really shows why Lynn is unique and as a Wedding Planner is a service to be highly recommending to brides.

Lynn, even as a little girl loved dresses, and when she was 5, her father made her a ‘clothes-line’ with string that stretched across  her bed.   She had these tiny hangers and used to hang all her dolls dresses on them and push them up and down the line.  Suffice to say it was in her heart even then!     

Lynn practised law in the city for a time during which she was the go-to girl for her friends when they were getting married.  Eventually becoming sick of the hours and the ‘no life’ of the city, she was propelled to throw caution to the wind, follow her childhood passion and get involved with dresses.

The aim of Lynn, was to  create and offer a smashing service that came from the heart and that found the most suitable, beautiful dresses quick smart with no-nonsense and Wedding Planner Sarah Ducker can vouch for Lynn’s unique service as she has seen first how just how she works and the results experienced by brides.    

It needed to be a service that would place the needs of the modern London bride first, a service which meant she could get her dress sorted, be heard and where she would receive an excellent service based on efficiency, simplicity and the most wonderful sources that London has to offer.     She also met many overseas brides who seemed to be doing aLondon‘boutique crawl’. Lynn’s professional approach helped them too to find their dresses quickly and easily in the right places, and so Lynn Crean – London Wedding Dress Finder was born.

So, if you would like to meet Lynn Crean, The London Wedding Dress Finder why not come along to VOWS (Visualise Our Wedding Secrets) on Tuesday 11th October at de Le Cuona and meet her along with the VOWS Team.   The VOWS Team is a hand-picked group of wedding specialists who will be on hand to guide couples through the ‘wedding journey’ in non pressured environment.  For more details of who is on board and to purchase tickets  visit

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