Why not a host a Vintage Tea Party for the Bride to be with the help of Fuschia

Fuschia Design may just have the perfect solution for the Hen celebration a ‘Vintage Tea Party’.

Vintage is a hot trend at the moment with regards to themes for a wedding and I think that it will be here for a while.

So, why not carry the ‘vintage’ through to the Hen celebrations and create the ‘Vintage Tea Party’ and have some fun creating the quintessential traditional English tea party. 

Some of my favourites are white cucumber sandwiches and brown bread salmon sandwiches with the crusts off of course, then scones with cream (Rhodda’s clotted of course) and homemade strawberry jam and then the traditional victoria sandwich cake to mention a few items.

An afternoon tea party is very personal and a great way for guests to get to know each other before the wedding in a relaxed atmosphere.  There is nothing to say you can’t have a glass of champagne or pimms alongside the cups of tea either.

And, if you want to make the tea even more special why not approach a specialist such as Rachel Inkster of Inkster Teas and let her create a bespoke tea for the celebration.

Fuschia have created great packages for both existing customers and new customers which are very affordable.

The disposable Vintage Tea Party collection for 8 guests as a new customer is £129.99 with extra guests at £14 each.

The Classic Vintage Tea Party Collection for 8 guests as a new customer is £172.00 with extra guests at £5.99 each.

All the above carry a delivery charge.

For full details on these and other party theme ideas check out the website at www.fuschiadesigns.co.uk.

Holly, Fuschia’s friendly online helper shares the following tips on hosting the best tea party:

  • Send out invitations in good time.
  • Have a back up plan i.e. a wet weather option.
  • Be organised with food and refreshments – advanced planning and delegation a good idea or ask a professional.
  • Don’t forget to serve clotted cream (Rhodda’s of course) with the jam with the scones.
  • Add alcohol to celebrations whether champagne or pimms on arrival.
  • Take photographs for the bride as a keepsake.
  • Set up an ice bucket to ensure drinks are kept cold.
  • Use sugar cubes rather than sugar granules in the sugar bowls and don’t forget the tongs.
  • If using the disposable cake and sandwich stands remember you can wipe them clean and reuse.

So, planning a Hen party celebration can be easy with a little bit of help, so remember Fuschia Design.


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