Silver Tribe launches new magazine in Ascot and Sarah Ducker of SJD Events has a column


'Silver Tribe' ~ Summer Edition Front Cover

Silver Tribe have just launched its first A6 glossy magazine which is stunning and has been distributed via the Royal Mail to over 20,000 households in Ascot, Wentworth and surrounding areas.

Silver Tribe founder Aldon, identified a niche in the market about a year ago after getting frustrated with local restaurants not offering a home deliver service.    So, he set up Silver Tribe which is all about delivering quality food from local restaurants in an efficient way  to your door in under an hour.     His formula is simple, it is all about connecting with premium people who strive for top quality which acts as a mutual benefit as the result is a very satisfied customer.   As Aldon says, it’s how communities are built and that is why with this new magazine he has joined up with local partners who are experts in their fields.

The Silver Tribe system is supported by a web site and web technologies that they have come to affectionately be called Potjie (after the three legged South African cooking pot that “combines so many different ingredients to produce a unique and harmonious flavour”).

The African Potjie Pot

The link to South Africa and the reference of the ‘Potjie’ pot did it for me so, when I was asked to come on board as a partner I jumped at the chance.      To see a full list of the partners on board click on the following link and then you can click on each individual logo to receive more details.

The website is very easy to use to place an order, so next time you don’t fancy cooking or friends turn up unexpectedly check it out,  you won’t be disappointed.

I was also lucky enough to be offered a column, as an expert and jumped at this chance and was really pleased with the result.  

My first column (Sarah Ducker of SJD Events) feature is below and was headed 

‘Are you planning a summer party and already getting highly stressed over whether it will be a success?’

  • How much food and drink do I need?
  • Where will everyone sit?
  • Do we need a gazebo or marquee?
  • Do we have enough plates and glassware?  

Well, we know everyone can plan a party so, if you are going it alone then here are just a few handy tips:

  • Be organized, clear the fridge.
  •  Ensure you have enough ice, remembering that you don’t use all ice to keep things cold, it needs to be half ice and half water.
  • Hire in glassware it may come with a small premium but it arrives clean and you return it dirty.  
  • Opt for screw caps for the wines, so you don’t have to worry if someone walks off the with cork screw.  
  •  Don’t worry about sauces in bottles your friends have come to see you and not whether you buy Heinz or Tesco special.
  •  Keep plenty of bin bags on standby. Sorry, to say this but unless you have space you might have to let the recycling go out of the window for one night.

However, my advice would be if you want to totally relaxed and enjoy your party, then contact an expert.   

They’ll come in and work with you to create your ‘party’ within your budget, elevating the stress so you enjoy the occasion knowing you’re in safe capable hands.

Don’t think bringing in professionals needs to carry a large cost, what it will do, is give you peace of mind.

So, watch this space as it will be a quarterly publication and I wish Aldon and Silver Tribe a great success.

About sjdeventsltd

Owner of a Consultancy Company, specialising in offering flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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