A day of cricket and frivolity to honour and support our heroes ‘Flannels For Heroes’

What an amazing day it was on Friday 24th June at Burton Court, Chelsea so thank you very much to the committee Tim Brocklehurst, Tom Dobson, Mowbray Jackson and Eliza Cockerell for pulling it off. 

The weather held out for the majority of the day though the finals were played in the rain but it certainly didn’t put the spectators off.

We opted for the lavish picnic under the trees which was interesting as a couple of times the cricket ball headed our way.       The official lunch and tea was provided by Hot Jam Party Catering and looked good and was apparently very good accompanied by wonderful wines sponsored by Sumaridge Estate Wines in South Africa.

Entertainment was provided by Phoebe Ray who was brilliant and I only realised she was only 19 years old, having just visited her website www.thisishappy.com/phoeberay.

As the first event for Flannels For Heroes, supporting Help the Heroes and Walking with the Wounded it was a huge success.     They exceeded their target as in the auction alone they raised over £45,000.   The auction after was a huge success as overseen by Jeffrey Archer who was amazing and really engaged with the guests.

Jaco Van Gass of Herrick Warriors in action at Flannels For Heroes

We were also honoured to hear Jaco Van Gass speak.    A Para wounded on 20th  August 2009 during an RPG attach while serving in Afghanistan.   He spoke so well and is an absolute inspiration to all soldiers who are wounded and I believe to anyone as at only 24 years old originally from South Africa he has overcome the disabilities and so focused.    Since his injuries he has become a member of the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team.   Also, he has just completed the WWTW’s mission to the North Pole and is now training to be part of the team to climb Everest in March 2012.   I wish him the best of luck.

Their were four teams participating in this 20:20 cricket, The Carlton Club, Hugh Grant’s Heroes, WHEB Group (Ben Goldsmith) who went on to win against the Soldiers known at Herrick Warriors by a mere 2 or 4 runs.

To see all the pictures and hear more about this great event and even to sign up so you can get involved for next year, please visit www.flannels4heroes.co.uk.

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