Choosing the right fragrance for a special occassion.

I recently met up with Virginie Daniau of Parfum Parfait an independent fragrance specialist who can create the perfect parfum to match you.   In fact I never realised that you could tell so much about someone from the fragrance they wear.

So, who do you know who has a ‘special’ occasion coming up whether male or female and you are stuck for that perfect gift idea, then look no further  than Parfum Parfait.

Below is a story that Virginie shared with me on the importance of right fragrance.

As we all know, a first date can be daunting so, here are a few tips on how to choose a fragrance for this special rendez-vous.

The perfume should be faithful to you, saying what you might not be able to say with words, at the same time, fitting your style.   It should combine beautifully with your skin, highlighting your natural tone, rather than masking it.   A sign of a good perfume is if you feel comfortable wearing it.   When you love your perfume, you look amazing and feel confident!

Having said that, different perfume families send out different messages, and connotations.
The oriental families tend to be sensual warmer and caring.  They can be more striking in interpretations where the florality is kept to a minimum, like in L’air de Rien by M. Harris. Or on the opposite, they can be very sensual and feminine if opulent flower bouquets are playing a big part like in Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein.   

Chypres can be more dramatic, with a slight masculinity in the woods, and could therefore fit stronger personalities. Depending on the construction, they can either be whimsical when fruits accords are present, like in Miss Dior Cherie, or more femme fatale like in Narcisso Rodrigez for Her where orange flower and a touch of honey give the tone.

Floral are definitely the most feminine of the spectrum, whether you like Soliflores likes Paul Smith Rose, or more sophisticated combinations like J’adore L’Or by Dior.

Eaux are lighter and more delicate, possibly more natural and active. Try Bigarade Concentree by F. Malle or Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes.

Last but not least, what you should avoid at any cost is to wear a perfume that is pretending to make you look different from who you truly are.   Whether it is supposed to make you look younger, more dynamic, more serious… This fragrance will not make you feel good about yourself, and you will not be confident, or attractive.

Odour is so crucial in a relationship that one could say that if your date does not like your perfume, it probably means that you are not meant for each others.   So, be savvy and have no regrets on that side!

Now, put on your favourite dress, spray this precious perfume of yours and good luck!

So, think hard what does your parfum or after shave say about you?

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