Pop up beauty clinic, ‘Get Georgous Sunday’ brought to you by Sarah Jagger

Sunday 26th of June in Battersea

This is an event not to be missed by the acclaimed make up artist Sarah Jagger who has added some great new treatments to the line up of experts.

This is what Sarah has to say about the upcoming event:

You’re invited to spend a day Getting Gorgeous at our next pop up beauty clinic. We hold our beauty days throughout London every couple of months and our treatments are all designed with busy women in mind.  Join us for a day of pampering in the company of like -minded women , with a glass of champagne and afternoon tea served all day.  Pop by for a treatment …or stay and have all your beauty needs taken care of in one day.  TV beauty expert and author, Sarah Jagger has brought together her pick of London’s best and most trusted experts to offer long lasting, high end treatments … and because we hold our clinics in the comfort of our own homes, we eliminate clinic overheads so that we can offer you affordable prices on otherwise expensive procedures.

How To Book

Get Gorgeous Sunday bookings start at 9am and the last appointment is 5pm. A 15% deposit is required to confirm your booking.  Email sarah@sarahjagger.com to confirm your place, book your treatment(s) and ask any questions about the procedures.  You will then receive an email with your booking details, location and extra information about your treatment. Semi permanent makeup clients will be posted a sensitivity test and information pack upon booking.

You will be given a choice of time slots and we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your treatment, however you are welcome to come along any time before that and stay as long as you wish after your treatment to watch other procedures, have a glass of champagne
or just relax.

And here are the experts who will be on hand to make you feel gorgeous:


Sarah is a makeup artist, a semi permanent makeup specialist and author of ‘Magic Makeup Tips and Techniques’.  As a trusted expert on the beauty circuit, Sarah is the makeup
expert on GMTV, the resident beauty expert on Beautyzone TV,  a makeup expert at Boots.com, presenter of The Baby Chanel’s Mummy Makeover and most recently appointed beauty editor at FutureFrock magazine. Known for making celebrities look fantastic, on and off the red carpet, Sarah’s passion is creating natural looking semi-permanent make up, which has long been a best-kept industry secret. Results last up to a year and price
includes initial treatment plus a top up one month later.  Sarah uses topical anaesthetic creams….so it doesn’t hurt! 

Invisible Eyeliner      (Usual price £350)£245

Soft lash definition which is more natural looking than eyeliner.The roots of the lashes are subtly defined to make the eyes appear bigger and the lashes longer.
Liquid Eyeliner  (Usual price £375)£260

The perfect treatment for anyone wanting a professionally applied liquid line without the hassle of applying it every day.  Available in a variety of colours.
NEW    Eyebrow Mist (Usual price £375) £260

A subtle mist of colour placed behind natural hairs to enhance shape and definition.

Eyebrow Enhancment (Usual price £400)£280

Hair simulation-strokes as fine as natural hairs fill the gaps between sparse brows to add definition and shape. Perfects both brows to match each other, giving the face a more
symmetrical look. Looks more natural than pencil or shadow.

Eyebrow Reconstruction (Usual price £495)£320

Advanced hair simulation-strokes as fine as natural hairs recreate a new brow for over plucked or total hair loss.

Lip treatments on request.


Gene can give your lashes the ‘wow factor’-making them longer and thicker with Nouveau lashes. Unlike traditional false eyelashes which are stuck on in clumps or strips, each natural lash is extended using a super fine Nouveau Lash. The results are  seamless and last up to eight weeks. Nouveau lashes are darker than some people’s natural lashes so you don’t need to wear mascara and you can exercise, swim and shower without them falling out. You choose the length you prefer.

Half Lash (usual salon price £ 67.50) £45

Outer corner extensions added to the upper lashes for an elegant, glamorous look(30 minutes).

Full lash (usual salon price £95) £65

Extensions added to the entire upper lash line for bigger, brighter looking eyes(1 hour).

Super Lash (usual salon price £195) £110

One hour and forty minutes worth of lash extensions added to the upper lash line for an even  fuller look.


Sheelac is a semi permanent nail polish,which creates flawless, shiny looking manicures and pedicures that will last for 2-3 weeks without chipping or splitting. Sheelac won’t damage the natural nail and is available in a huge variety of colours.

 Manicure     £30 (usually £45)
 Pedicure       £30 (usually £50)
Both nails and toes    £50


Julia is a hairdresser and ‘3 Month Blow Dry’ specialist – a revolutionary treatment which  straightens and repairs the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny, healthy and manageable.
Unlike other straightening treatments, it’s suitable for all hair types from virgin hair to highly damaged and colour treated.  The magic ingredient is Keratin -a natural compound found in hair, skin and nails responsible for giving hair its strength.  Not only will this Keratin treatment transform the look of your hair, it will also protect it against the damaging environmental effects of UV rays, smog, and smoke. The ‘straightening’ effect will vary depending on your natural curl. Some wave and body may remain however frizz will go…along with the time needed to style every day.

Treatment (usual salon price £300) £120
(£140 for very long, very thick hair)
After care Shampoo and Conditioner are available on the day at £8 -£10 each

Ask about our natural range which keeps wave in the hair.


‘Lash Dipping’ is a new treatment already a big hit in the U.S and now Get Gorgeous is one of the first to offer it in London too. Perfect for anyone fed up with their mascara running or smudging, Myscara is a completely waterproof formula that also adds length and volume.
Results last up to eight weeks. 

Full lash Top and bottom£45
Bottom lashes £35 


Derived from Cane sugar, gycolic acid  is clinically proven to perform the dual function of chemical exfoliator and penetrating moisturizer – reducing sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, acne, dry patches and dullness.  The result is a smoother, plumper looking complexion. 

Glycolic Facial 30 minutes (usual price £40) £30
Glycolic Facial 60 minutes (usual price £65)   £45

BOTOX & WRINKLE FILLERS with Dr Tree Richardson

Tree is a consultant eye surgeon who trained for ten years at  Morefield’s Eye Hospital and the Western Eye Hospital.  Appointed as consultant eye surgeon at Mayday Hospital
Eye Unit in 2002, Tree has been carrying out Botox treatments for medical conditions such as such as eye spasms and tics for the past 17 years and has been treating patients
with Botox for cosmetic use for 8 years.
Botox     (usual clinic price £250-300) £180    
Botox reduces the activity of muscles lines to form over time.  It can be used to treat the forehead, crow’s feet around the eye and in some cases, smoking lines around the mouth.
The areas treated will depend on facial structure and client’s preference and unlike most clinics who charge per area, Tree prefers to treat all areas needed for one price,
which includes a ‘top up’ within a fortnight of the initial treatment. Expect results to last for up to 4 months.

Dermal Fillers (usual clinic price £320-£700) £220

Skin starts to sag and wrinkle naturally with age, as underlying fat and collagen diminishes. Injecting dermal fillers into the skin plumps it up, makes it firmer and
smoothes out lines and wrinkles. Tree prefers to use Teosyl (a dermal filler-made from the naturally occurring substance, hyaluronic acid) over other brands of filler because it has the
added benefit of encouraging natural collagen production within the skin. Teosyl is suitable for deep lines between the brows (which won’t relax with Botox alone),  for marionette
lines besides the mouth and for deep lines around mouth.  Tree uses topical anaesthetics to numb sensitive areas before treatment. Results to last up to one year.(Price is per vial.
Most people rarely need more than one vial however if more than one vial is needed, price will be £350).

MBBS, DRCOG, Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, Fellow of the Royal society of Medicine. Btec Diploma in advanced laser  studies from Loughborough college.
Gerri is a medical Director of Stepback Cosmetic Medicine and is very respected in her field, having been referred to as ‘Kent’s Queen of Faces’.  Gerri uses semi- permanent fillers to replace the volume lost with age or to create volume where desired. Most of
the volumising products contain local anaesthetic and in addition Gerri can provide dental anaesthesia and anaesthetic creams for added comfort.   Volumising is known to stimulate collagen production so the results are cumulative. The more you have the less you need in subsequent treatments.Results last typically 6-12 months per treatment.
Treatments  £270 for 1ml (usual price £310-£340plus)
Cheek Enhancement
To subtly create more defined looking cheekbones and a more youthful face.
Lip Enhancement
To replace lost volume and/or create fuller looking lips. We do NOT do ‘trout pouts’!
Chin and Jaw Smoothing
To remove chin dents and jowls, creating a firmer looking  jaw line.
*The amount of filler used will differ with each individual face. Please contact Sarah for a guide to how much you will need. 


What is ‘Raw’ hair? Well, it’s completely different to the regular hair extensions that you find in most salons, which are sourced from Asia (often unethically), chemically stripped of its cuticle, dyed and coated in silicone to create shiny looking hair that suits the European market.Unfortunately this shiny veneer is temporary and before you know it, you’ve got tell- tale, ratty looking extensions!

Ruthie has 18 years experience working with raw, virgin hair from an ethical Rabbi source and this hair has never been dyed, blow-dried or chemically treated. She uses the ‘connect’
method to attach the hair with a  tiny micro-bond of degradable plastic,which is very light weight on hair.

Dream hair in no time!  (All prices are around 40% less than salon prices)

Hair Thickening without length                  £150-200
Half Head                                                          £250-350
3/4 Head  for length and thickness            £350-450 
Full Head from short to long                       £500-600

So don’t delay book up for this great pampering session.

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