SJD Events Limited writes a features in the acclaimed, The Kensington Magazine

The Kensington Magazine June Edition

The Royal Wedding is over and now what do we have to look forward to? 

The wedding of Zara Phillips on the 30th July, The Queens Golden Jubilee in June next year and the Olympics, to name a few, but all of them will need precision planning.

I am sure you will agree that the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April was a most spectacular day and that the planning was second to none.   As a Wedding Planner, I couldn’t fault any of the arrangements and can only say, that it really showed the importance of ‘team work’.

Statistics show that 70% of brides commenting after their wedding, (who didn’t have a Wedding Planner) say that they wished they had used one. Why, because they would have been able to totally relax and enjoy the day more.

What’s clear to me is that just about anyone can organise a party, as all you need is a venue, friends, food and drink. However, to truly have a memorable, stress free celebration, which you can also enjoy, you need to have someone behind the scenes who doesn’t take over, but becomes the backbone of the occasion.

When, I meet with a couple I establish what their ‘dream/vision’ is and with over eighteen years experience, I can offer guidance and assurance on how to achieve this. I prioritise what is important to them for an event, so that they spend the budget wisely.   I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to start married life in debt from the wedding!

At SJD Events Limited we pride ourselves in offering a range of flexible services to suit all budgets.  Whether you need assistance with full planning, last minute arrangements or just planning the tinier (pulling it all together) we can offer this.     

All, these services are outlined during an initial free consultation where I can create a shopping list so you can see exactly what is on offer and what it will cost you.

Itinerary planning is the bible for an event and makes your day seamless, as was evident with the recent Royal Wedding of William and Katherine.

So, to achieve this we would sit down and create an overview of your ‘dream’ and then I start to get to work behind the scenes with all your appointed suppliers to create one itinerary that works and that you are at ease with.   Creating one itinerary ensures everyone is singing off the same song sheet, with open communication ensuring there’s no confusion.

Below are a few testimonials, which I believe attest to my abilities:

‘Along the way, we threw many challenges to you, the management of various suppliers, over 350 guests, coordination between Glasgow and London and many others. However, you helped us achieve the results we wanted and worked with us as if it was your own wedding event’.

Himanshu and Nanita

 ‘Thank you for giving us peace of mind so that we could enjoy our wedding with our friends and family.  You kept us calm when we needed to be and provided a sense of urgency when it was required.  It was great to know we could trust you and your team to work effortlessly behind the scenes’.

Dean and Lucy

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Owner of SJP Consultancy, specialising in offering, flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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