Sarah Ducker, Wedding Planner from Henley speaks to Bull Buckley on the ‘low key, understated’ wedding of Ed Miliband on BBC Radio Berkshire.

Earlier today, I was approached to speak on Bill Buckley’s afternoon show about the difference between Ed Milibands low key/understated wedding and the more recent traditional wedding of William and Kate.

Some of the questions raised by Bill Buckley of BBC Radio Berkshire were:

Should you have a gift list which is purely donations to chosen charities?  This is a very personal choice but I do always recommend that couples have a few presents for guests to choose from as not everyone is comfortable giving money.  And even though you may think you have everything having lived together for years a wedding gift list is for those ‘special’ items and not only kettles, toasters and sheets!

Do you believe in a smart/casual dress code?   Again this is a very personal think but I have to say as an observation people don’t dress up like they used to unless a strict dress code is stipulated.

The press had suggested no alcohol however this was speculation and even thought it was an intimate wedding for 50 guests in some cases they can spend more on the alcohol than a wedding for 120.

What was my take on no best man?  Again a personal choice but when you have a civil ceremony you only require two witnesses so if you are not having a formal wedding breakfast afterwards you could agree no need for this traditional formality.   In this case, they had said all along their would only be two speeches and that was by the Bride and Groom.

I was also asked about comparisons of the two weddings and whether it would create trends for Brides and Grooms and to hear my response to that click on the following link and you can hear my full interview with Bill Buckley from 0.38 to 0.46.

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