Wedding Planner Sarah Ducker gives tips to Cinderella advertisement in OK Magazine Royal Wedding Special Edition

The Royal Wedding Special Edition of OK Magazine, Front Cover

 Wedding Planner, Sarah Ducker along with Chelsea Bidwill of Beyond Weddings gave helpful tips to the Cinderella advertisement within the ‘special edition’ Royal Wedding OK Magazine which is promoting the new Cinderella DVD.

Wedding Planner, Sarah Ducker acts as Fairy Godmother to Cinderella

Here is what we shared with them:

Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother to organise the nitty gritty of her wedding day but the rest of us have to hire wedding planners for such help.

Chelsea Bidwill from Beyond Weddings says ‘brides-to-be can surf the net, ask for friends’ recommendations or look on bridal blogs to find the perfect wedding planner to create their fairy tale wedding.’

Wedding planner Sarah Ducker, says: ‘Brides don’t always require ‘full planning services’ but a helping hand by someone who is not biased and that they can confide in and trust is worth its weight in gold.’

‘A wedding planner doesn’t take over but relieves the stress and it should be a joint partnership between the bride and the groom – even though Prince Charming didn’t seem too involved in his big day with Cinderella.’

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother was able to just shake her magic wand to create the spectacular wedding but the real wedding planners work much harder to organise the behind the scenes magic.

And some of Sarah’s transport ideas to compete with Cinderella’s impressive horse and cart entrance are: ‘arriving in a vintage car or departing as did Will and Kate, a speedboat or row boat if your venue is close to water,  a hot air balloon or a helicopter.’

But, when it comes to your budget, Sarah says: ‘Know your budget when you start planning, as you don’t want to start life off in debt.’

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