Their are good people in the world when you leave your fob in a Boris docking unit

On Friday amongst the excitement of the Royal Wedding having taken my Boris Bike (Barclay’s Bike) from Emperors Gate to Royal Avenue on the Kings Road, I managed to leave my fob and house keys in the docking unit.

It must have been a blonde moment as it was not till I got home that panic kicked in as I realised that I had no keys in my bag.

Then the light bulb moment struck and I went back to the docking station at Emperors Gate and to my delight someone had left a note with a number to call.  Fortunately, it was not late and I rang the number, described my keys and within ten minutes they were safely back in my hands and I was able to get back into my flat.

So, moral of this story is that there are some great, kind-hearted people out their and I believe that if you do good deeds regularly that they will be repaid and this was certainly mine.

So, from now I will be double/triple checking that I don’t leave them in the docking unit again and secondly if you do live alone make sure someone nearby has a spare set of keys as it might have been a totally different story had it not been for that honest couple taking them home for safe keeping.

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