“A 21st Century Royal Wedding: Monarchy, Class, History & Celebrity” what a topic for debate

Flying the Union Jack for being proud to be English


Last night, I attended the Editorial Intelligence in associate with The Foreign Press Association debate on the Royal Wedding, the Monarchy, Class and History & Celebrity.

It was chaired magnificently by Peter York who is simply brilliant at keeping you in the moment and the energy flowing.

On the panel we had a real mix which made the evening so interesting and the questions at the end certainly gave one food for thought.

First up on the panel was the Ambassador of Sweden to the UK, H.E. Ms Nicola Clase and her angle on it was the story of the Swedish monarchy and the connections with the English.

Next up was Rachel Johnson, Editor of The Lady and an absolute pleasure to hear speak and she was comparing the hype of Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981 and now and that it had more of a celebrity/hollywood storyline.    I have heard Rachel speak before at Henley Literary Festival and just love her manner, she is a breath of fresh air.

Next up, Peter Kellner who is the President of YouGov and the think I remember best was the joke about the frog and that if you kissed it you would have your prince but instead the girl put it in her bag preferring the talking frog – maybe you had to be their to get it!

Sarah Sands who is the Deputy Editor at London Evening Standard I also thoroughly enjoyed and how right she is, that the Royal Family brings unity and whereas we in the UK may not always appreciate them we are lucky not to be like the US.

Lastly, we had Peter Tatchell who I felt for as he had a hard corner to fight being that he was representing Gay and Human Rights so need I say more.

Anyway, it was a fascinating evening with well over 80 attending, so if you want to hear whether the panel believe the Monarchy should continue or we should have a Head of State click onto www.editorialintelligence.com and click on the podcast for the event.

What do I believe?  Well, I think we would miss the Royal Family and that we as a country should be looking at our great English traditions and not confusing them with cultures.  And, I certainly will be glued to the television on 29th April to watch the wedding as it is part of history.

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