Fuschia Design set the trends for the Royal Wedding ‘Street Parties’.

What are you doing on Friday 29th April at 11am?

If you are not attending your local street party then why not create your own at home with some friends with the help of Fuschia Design.

Royal Britannia by Fuschia Design for The Royal Wedding Street Parties

Two sisters, Jacqueline and Nicola Briginshaw run this great party theming company in Wokingham and I just love the wide variety of ranges and level of service that they offer.

For the Royal Wedding they have launched a range called ‘Royal Britannia’.  For full details check it out online at http://www.fuschiadesigns.co.uk/trends-and-inspiration/royal-britannia.php

Also, check out on Holly’s blog on the website where you can hear Nicola’s recent BBC Berkshire interview, where she was discussing the organisation of street parties and as a virgin radio presentation she sounded amazing.

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1 Response to Fuschia Design set the trends for the Royal Wedding ‘Street Parties’.

  1. Stephie says:

    It’s great to hear about street parties happening around the country, it’s just what we all need! It’s too easy to hide away in our homes and never really talk to the people that live so close to us. Unfortunately I have to work on the Royal Wedding day so I can’t join in any of them! I’ll try to help with organising my local party instead.

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