Wedding shoe etiquette, yes it does exist.

In today’s, Life Style section of The Daily Mail,  Liz Jones is commenting on wedding shoes.

Reading about Liz Jones shoe ordeal at her wedding, with her high heels on the cobbles at Babington House, I thought if only she had met Chyna Whyne of Walking in stilettos before her big day.   Chyna using Alexander Technique teaches you how to strut your stuff with confidence and if I can do it anyone can.

For more details check out

The article was more about what shoes Kate Middleton will be wearing on the 29th April and who will be the designer.

However, the interesting piece of information I wanted to share with you is that you need to remember wedding shoe etiquette.  Etiquette plays a part in choosing the right shoes and dictates that if you are marrying in a Cathedral that you have to wear a closed wedding shoe.

So, if you need a helping hand with matching the shoes with that perfect wedding dress, don’t forget Lynn Crean the London Wedding Dress Finder.  For more details

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