Did you know that you can learn about Business from Abba hits?

So, be the winner and take it all!

Celia Champion a Business Coach with Painless Business gave an amazing talk the other day and what really hit home was that ‘music’ can also be a great support in business.

I now will be listening to Abba in a totally different light and think like most people that, Abba reminds us of a party we have attended or, a friend we know but please read on as this will become one of those ‘light bulb’ moments.

So, we listened to seven different snippets of the Abba hits and then learnt a stage in a businesses journey: 

  • Have a Dream ~ Know where you are heading
  • Take a Chance on Me ~ When we risk, we grow (who dares wine and all that!)
  • Money, Money, Money ~ This is the lifeblood of the business so monitor the pulse and control the bleeding.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You ~ Let go of customers who are not ideal or are draining your time and resources.
  • Mammia Mia ~ Make your service a repeat buy for customers, showing them you have missed them too.
  • Fernando ~ Ensure you have no regrets and would do the same again.
  • Waterloo ~ Set out to win when you lose – always be positive.

Now, I hope from this little taster you can get an idea of what Celia was telling us with her subtle sales pitch.

So, if you have had your appetite wet and wants to know more about to grow your business then visit http://www.painlessbusiness.com.

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