Did you know that STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards?

So, who do you know that is totally ‘stressed’ with the thought of a forthcoming event whether it is a wedding, party of celebration?

At SJD Events Limited we offer ‘flexible’ services to step in and alleviate stress at any stage of the planning of an event big or small.

What I have noticed that has been welcomed by many of my wedding couples over the past year, is the ‘itinerary’ service and ‘peace of mind’ service.

The ‘itinerary service’ can be created at the last minute, when you suddenly realise that you have three or four agendas from different suppliers and it is all too confusing, as you are getting concerned that it is not your day.    So, we would come along, have a meeting so you can off load your vision and thoughts for the day and then go away and create an in depth itinerary so, everyone knows what you want and that all the suppliers involved are singing off the same song sheet.  The most important think here is that on your wedding day you have ‘peace of mind’.

That brings me nicely on to the ‘peace of mind service’, where we are at the end of the phone or email, when you just need to talk.   Whether it is putting things into perspective, tips on dealing with tricky family members or getting back on track with the budget.  We are an unbiased mediator ensuring you have a voice and are totally relaxed, so you can enjoy the day in hand.

So, if you know someone who is ‘STRESSED’ and wants to enjoy their ‘DESSERTS’ on their special day, then you need to recommend SJD Events Limited where we don’t take over, we just become the backbone, behind the scenes.

For full details check out http://www.sjdevents.com.

About sjdeventsltd

Owner of a Consultancy Company, specialising in offering flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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