‘metaphors, ambition and education’ where the ‘Thought of the Day’ at Editorial Intelligence yesterday

Yesterday, I attended the monthly Editorial Intelligence ‘Thought for the Day’ and it was really inspirational and set the tone for the day, especially as I had to give a speech to 30 women at a lunch on ‘The balance of passion in the workplace’.

The three speakers on the panel chaired by Charlie Burgess gave such engaging overviews of their chosen subject that the Q&A session afterwards certainly got everyone involved and really thinking.

James Geary (journalist and acclaimed author) was talking about ‘metaphors’ and how they are used in the media world as a verb, to spice up a story as carry a lot of power and in time can become a cliché.   And, I will certainly take away the point that when writing a press release or any point of sale to promote my brand that one should use a metaphor to attract the reader and get the imagination engaged and create a visual.

Louise Chunn (Editor) was talking about ‘ambition’ and how women can under value themselves in a men’s world and I agree for me ambition is about getting the correct recognition for my work.   The article in March’s Psychologies magazine on Ambition is amazing and worth a read.

Then, finally Amol Rajan (deputy comment editor for The Independent) was talking on ‘education’ and how we need to learn how to have an ‘open discussion’ i.e. think for oneself, creating your own ideas and then been able to speak. 

It was a great meeting and I would highly recommend clicking on this link and hearing the inspirational ‘thought of the day’ for yourselves.


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