Walking in Stilletoes …a challenge but worth it

If you are a woman who loves her heels, but has problems walking in them then you need to have a session with Chyna Whyne.

Check out these link and if this is you then read on:


I can safely say this wasn’t me last year before signing up for the launch of Walking in Stilettos but I do know that stilettos and being 5’9 didn’t always go hand in hand.   But, after three months I could hold my head up high and strut my stuff in heals remembering ‘present the thigh’.

If I can do it, anyone can!

Women who cannot walk well in heels are often open to ridicule, and not taken seriously. 

Let’s face it, even if your make-up looks great, you have a wonderful hair do and a fantastic outfit on BUT you can’t walk in your heels, the whole look goes down the drain!  

Walking well in high heels helps a woman to feel sexy, confident, graceful and empowered.

Walking in Stilettos can help you to feel right in your heels, so you have an IMPROVED POSTURE whilst gliding in your heels, be FREE OF LOWER BACK PAIN and joint pain and SPARKLE WITH CONFIDENCE..

Workshops and one to one classes are now available from Chyna Whyne and for full details click on http://www.walkinginstilettos.com

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