100 day countdown till the big day … where should you be?

Yesterday, as the resident Wedding Planner on BBC Berkshire, I was asked to come on to the Phil Kennedy afternoon show where he was discussing the all exciting Royal Wedding countdown of 100 days, as Kate Middleton is a local Berkshire bride.

To hear the interview click on the following link


and you need to go to 0.18.02 till 0.22.32.

One of the questions I was asked was, where should you be in the planning process at 100 days?

My response was that you would hope to be 80% of the way their and just fine tuning supplier details and timings.  At least the venues should be booked, all the legal requirements sorted and the invitations ready to be posted.

However, saying that last summer I planned a full wedding for 600 guests in just over two weeks which was a challenge but it all came together.

Then, I was asked what about couples who are getting married the same weekend, and how they felt?

For the couples who are sharing the same day or the Saturday, as I said to Phil remember that your wedding guests are coming to share your day and it is important to remember it is ‘yours’, and whereas people might make a reference to the Royal Wedding remember at least, they can’t turn around and say you copied the Royal Wedding.

I believe following the Royal Wedding that we will see new trends emerge and I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

The press are certainly keeping up the excitement drip feeding information out as the Palace release it and the really big question which we will only find out on the day, is who is designing the dress for Kate?

So, if you are on the 100 day countdown to your big day, good luck and enjoy the planning process.   And, remember if it all gets too stressful ask for help.


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