Recently engaged and on cloud nine, bought all the bridal magazines and now signing up for Wedding Fairs?

Firstly, congratulations and no doubt you are walking around on cloud nine as your prince charming has proposed.   Maybe you already have the ring or you are presently looking at all the options available.

Trust me when you get the ring you will be walking holding your hand up high as you get used to wearing the rock and people asking to admire it.    As one bride said to me the other day she doesn’t mind people looking at the ring but when they touch it all she thinks about, is getting home to polish it.     Remember that the engagement is jewellery and it’s a piece of art of be worn and appreciated so don’t worry too much.

TIP:   Make sure that the engagement is insured and please note that not all household insurance policies will cover this within general contents insurance.  So,  you need to take out a separate insurance policy.   If you want to speak to an expert in this field then call Paul Macbeth on 01189 452944.

So now you have bought all the bridal magazines and have spent hours in the office trawling the internet and finding it all daunting as so much choice.   TIP: Get yourself a scrap book and put in not only the likes but also the dislikes as this will help you keep focused when appointing suppliers who may try and persuade you of that particular look.

Then, the next step is heading off to Wedding Fairs be it at a venue or the main ones at Olympia and Battersea.   One tip is don’t necessarily take your fiancée unless he suggests coming along as you will have much more fun with a girlfriend or your Mum.   As one groom said to me a few months ago after going around one of the well known shows in London it was ok, but I was more interested in the music element and after three hours had wedding overload.

My tip to all you newly weds out there, is shop around for ideas for sure and don’t make any rush decisions.   

The first step is to agree a ‘budget’ for the wedding and then take out a ‘wedding insurance’ once you start confirming suppliers.

Have fun planning your wedding as, it is all about creating your fairy tale vision you have had since you were a child and make it a reality, but don’t forget your not alone as all the suppliers and venues that you will be talks with will have experience so, if in doubt ask the question.

If you want to talk to a room of experts VOWS (Visualise Our Wedding Secrets) will be launching on Tuesday 8th March and you can register at

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