A new look for entertainment … it’s all about the flexibility and lets face it if you can be like her at 84 then good luck.

This morning I received this link and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

It came from Diksha Chakravarti of Fix Me, and how appropriate, because if you are inspired after watching this to become as flexible as Barbara, then I think you will need a helping hand from Fix Me afterwards.

Diksha is a real gem having fixed me over the years so, I can stand up straight rather than being lop sided which is one of the joys of the job, as it is common for me to stand for over 12 hours.

Check out the link to the video in question which I hope will be an incentive to get flexible http://share.youthwant.com.tw/flvplayer/shareplayer.swf?m=33001858 but then remember if you over do it then you’ll need Fix Me www.fixme.org.uk

The header I used was new entertainment as obviously this was the case where they accompanied the band so maybe something for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or your forthcoming celebration!

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Owner of a Consultancy Company, specialising in offering flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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