Beyond Weddings Limited the perfect solution for wedding gifts as ‘Home is where the Heart is’.


Chelsea Bidwell of Beyond Weddings Limited identified a key niche in the market for weddings after being asked by her interior design clients to assist with gift lists and launched her new Wedding Gift Service in February of this year at The Dorchester.

Since then Chelsea and I have become good friends and share similar business ethics however when she recently sent me an email to feature on her blog where she asks a series of set questions, I am not sure she expected my responses so see it for yourself at

But, back to Beyond Weddings Limited and what Chelsea can offer brides and groom, which makes her stand out.   Today, a lot of couples live together or have at least lived away from home and so have the basis to setting up home so, when it comes to choosing a wedding list are confused.

Chelsea will take you under her wing and through her expertise as an acclaimed Interior Designer she will ensure you a new look.  Whether it is a revamp of a present property, or a consolidation for a new home she will ensure as her strap line states ‘Home is where the Heart is’.

For more details on the various services that Chelsea offers and testimonials from other happy couples click on

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Owner of a Consultancy Company, specialising in offering flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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