The best laugh at breakfast networking ever … a Silhouette workshop

This morning at The Reading Business Club breakfast all twenty of us were reduced to hysterics or, maybe it was just the group I was in but Charles Burns of The Roving Artist gave by far the best 10 minute presentation I have ever experienced at a networking Breakfast.

Charles Burns is a Silhouette artist and so he decided to show us what he did with a hands on workshop which he offers to Corporate Clients as bonding sessions.   

We were put into groups of four, all standing with our right hand profile so that each one of us had a model to cut out.   After being given a demonstration followed by strict instructions on how to hold the scissors and the paper so, the fold was at the top we were let loose on our own and given three minutes to produce a masterpiece.

Well, I couldn’t stop laughing so no wonder the chap cutting me lost the will to live and the person I was cutting was more interested in his models boobs so, you can imagine the scene and the results were interesting!

Anyway, if you are looking for an ‘ice breaker’ for an event then The Roving Artist workshop is the way forward.

On a more serious note, Charles also does weddings and parties where Silhouettes can be used as part of an invitation with the Bride and Groom or person celebrating their birthday or anniversary can be cut and used as logo almost.     Then, another idea is have all your guests cut out as a silhouette, and as you get two copies, one would be given to the guest in a mounted card and then the other one mounted in a collage so you have a copy which will be hours of fun identifying who everyone is.  It is something different and certainly memorable as a keepsake.

So, if you want to see more about Silhouettes check out and just be aware there are only eight professional silhouette artists in the UK.

And, lastly if you come along to the Reading Business Club ‘special’ Christmas Breakfast you will see some of the works of art and it will be interesting to see if anyone can identify them!

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