Renewing your vows was the discussion point with Anne Diamond on BBC Berkshire last week.

Last week amongst my computer turmoil and weddings I was asked to come onto Anne Diamond’s show and share my experience as a Wedding Planner for couples choosing to renew their vows.

Renewing your vows is something you will see in the world of celebrities regularly with the latest one being Jordan and Alex.   This type of renewing of vows is where a couple have married oversees with what they perceive as a small ceremony and then want a big party so, renew the vows with friends and usually get it covered by one of the tabloids or glossy magazines.

However, my experience of renewing vows as a Wedding Planner is when people have either been married for 25 years and just want to show people they are still together as part of an anniversary celebration and celebrate it with their children.    

And, then a couple who had an illness in the family which put added strain on their relationship and decided it was a way of reconfirming their love and dedication to each other, which was an amazing day and very emotional.  

I believe that for couples considering renewing their vows it is all about ensuring that their ‘dream’ and as my quote from T.E. Lawrence states ‘ Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true’.

Then, finally there are those people who now have money to celebrate their wedding in the style they wanted to initially and the renewing of their vows can mean they have their real ‘dream day’ be it, a new dress or even new rings.

Some people who rang into Anne Diamond’s show last week see renewing vows as a waste of money and said ‘you only get married once’, and maybe they do have a point, but it is a special moment if you choose to do so.

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