P.A.T. Portable Appliance Test something you need them for venues, but do you understand why?

PAT certificates are now springing up all over the place when you book a venue as they request all equipment coming on site to have one, but why, is what I was recently asked by a client’s band?

Well, I am not technical but since I started my business almost four years ago when ever I do a job I ask for all suppliers insurance documentation and PAT certificates so, for me it was normal as I don’t see why I should carry the responsibility on my companies insurance.    But, when someone recently asked me why I did start to question it.

PAT certificate stickers are placed on all appliances once tested and then a certificate is issued to state the date tested and who carried them out which is renewable on an annual basis and I would say for the sake +/- £35 it is worth the money.

The reason behind the importance of these in a venue, I can only use an example to high light this, which is for a fixed marquee structure in Central London.   

So, the client hires a band direct and they want to bring in their own keyboard and mixer but don’t have PAT certificates so before they can play on site these have to be purchased from a certified electrician.  Why, do they need them as never had to produce these in the past when they have played in venues well firstly in 95% of the venues I work with it is a legal requirement and part of the contract.  Well, the reasoning behind it is if they were to plug into a socket without a PAT and blew the electrics beyond an instant flick of a trip switch and not only did this but caused a fire then they would be responsible and the claim would be on their insurance.  However, with the PAT certificates they are covered as it would be guarantee that it was safe.

So, if you get asked for PAT certificates from a venue make sure ALL the suppliers know what they are and why.

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