The Elephants have left Central London …


Recently, London was taken by storm by Elephants whether they were outside shops, in the Royal Parks or just on street corners their were well over 300 during the past few months.

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a site visit with a client at Royal Hospital, Chelsea for their forthcoming wedding and the Elephants were all displayed here before going to public auction.   Of course my client thought that was amazing and wanted them at her wedding but I fear the budget was not going to stretch that far!

It was an absolutely amazing site, to see the wide array of different designed Elephants from Prada, to Swarovski, to the Tube Lines, but my favorite was the naughty Elephant housed in his own private tent so he was not visible as he was the pornography Elephant.  I just wish I had taken a photography as ones mobile never captures the whole feel.

My client won’t have all the Elephants standing on guard for her wedding but she will have the Chelsea Pensioner overseeing the day and I couldn’t resist putting this up.

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