‘Henna’ really does work.

Recently, wearing my Wedding Planning hat, I carried out an orthodox Hindu Punjabi/Gayatri Wedding and experienced Henna for the first time.

The Mehindi Ceremony which is part of the marriage ritual was on the Friday night and a lovely evening when the women all sat around and sang traditional songs and danced which having their Henna. This type of ceremony is similar to a Hen Party but a lot more civilised. I was slightly concerned that the Henna would wash off as it dried you brushed off the hard powder, however how wrong I was, it was three weeks before it started to disappear and even now over 6 weeks later I have a pin head mark on my second nail.

At the Mehindi Ceremony one of the guests told me that the way to enhance the colour after I had it blotted with syrup of lemon, water and sugar was to put Vicks on it and then sleep with plastic gloves on. So, after walking around the whole evening like someone with wet nails scared it would smudge and no doubt evident to all the guests that I was a novice for this, I got home and rubbed my hands with Vicks and put on the plastic gloves and went to sleep.

Heat enhances the colour and for someone who suffers from the cold hands due to bad circulation it was the opposite for Friday night and on Saturday morning when I woke up my Henna was stunning.

On the Saturday evening I visited the Bride and her family and they were pleasantly surprised to see how prominent it was and then of course at the wedding on the Sunday it was too.

Henna is a powerful dye and the designs that the Henna artists created on our hands were amazing as everyone was bespoke.

Henna is a very important part of the wedding ritual for not only the Hindu marriages but also the Sudanese marriages where it is called a ‘Henna’ Ceremony.

For amazing Henna check out Dina’s website at http://www.dinapindoria.com.

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