Don’t ruin your Jimmy Choo’s at a wedding ….

How many times have you bought a lovely pair of new shoes to go to wedding or party only to get the heals ruined?

At least once, I am sure.

In fact I recall a wedding I went to about 10 years ago where I bought a cream suede kitten heal only to sink into the wet grass and not only did I ruin the shoes ending up with a mixture of cream/green and brown stained shoes but I also managed to leave the shoes in the mud as I walked off … really not a good look.

Well, now there are life savers in the shape of heal guards from Dee at Delightful Footnotes (

So, next time you spend £150 plus on a pair of stilettos for a special occasion and you know that it involves a trip on the grass you need to get a pair and the best part is that they are affordable and reusable.

Also, some venues which have polished soft wooden floors don’t allow the stilettos so having these heel guards in your bag in the attractive pink pouch is the answer.

I have just bought them for a wedding client of mine and will be giving them to my brides in the future as a gift. Within the range on offer you can even opt for ones with a Swarovski crystal flower on in white and the black.

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