Why is it called a ‘Wedding Breakfast’?

It is funny how so many people don’t know the reason behind calling the meal at a wedding a ‘Wedding Breakfast’.

So, I thought as SJD Events Limited is a Wedding Expert that I would share this with you.

Basically, it is called the ‘breakfast’ regardless of the time of the day as it is the first meal that the couple will share after their marriage has taken place.

Traditionally, people would have fasted from midnight before the wedding took place and then once you were married the priest would bless the first meal taken.

However, this is not always the case today however different religions still insist this is part of the traditional celebrations of a wedding.    In fact on Sunday when I did a Hindu Punjabi / Gayatri wedding both the bride and groom fasted and were only allowed to be fed fruit prior to the marriage ceremony and then following the various ceremony were able to eat the Wedding Breakfast following on from the sharing of the wedding cake.

So, next time someone asks you to a wedding and on the invite it states ‘Wedding Breakfast’ don’t think it will literally mean breakfast i.e. bacon and eggs.

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1 Response to Why is it called a ‘Wedding Breakfast’?

  1. JackDusty says:

    Great article. After the umpteenth wedding breakfast this weekend gone I decided I really ought to satisfy my curiosity.

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