Feet hurting from dancing in heels, new shoes given you blisters then you need Delightful Footnotes answers to sore feet …

Ladies, we all do it we head off to an event with our new shoes having not worn them in and then suffer all in line of vanity and fashion.   

So, you know the drill, its hot so you get a blister as not wearing tights and then when it comes to dancing your feet are killing you.  

So, you need Delightful Footnotes magic shoes called ‘Butterfly Twists’ which are fold up shoes a real life saver which fit in your handbag.

Then, when your feet hurt you can slip into these and dance the night away.

A top tip for brides is to purchase a pair of these clever little souls and then you can also purchase some as gifts for your lady guests. 

You can purchase them direct from www.delightfulfootnotes.co.uk for £15.00 each.

If you find these are out of your budget what I have seen over the past few months is people purchasing cheap flip flops from places such as Primark and having them available.

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