3 day countdown to ‘Sexy Heels in the City’

I can’t quite believe that in three days the show will be upon us and then I will have no more training with Chyna Whyne for Sexy Heels in the City.    For the past six weeks on a Friday night I have been strutting my stuff for three or so hours in a studio in Camden with a great group of people however after Wednesday 21st April it will all be over.  

On Saturday, we had our final rehearsal and it was rather scary as Chyna hadn’t seen us in the flesh for three weeks as a group and she wasn’t impressed with the first couple of runs but after a good hour an half we had it looking neat so, let’s hope nerves won’t step in and we can make her proud.

The show is going to be amazing as Chyna teaches business women the art of wearing high heels so they can strut with confidence, elegance, grace and safety.   There is a modelling section too where I have managed to rope in a few familiar faces such as Dee of Twin Cheeks the sponsor for the corsets and Jo of London School of Burlesque so keep an eye on my blog as I will be posting the video after the show for those who can’t make it.

So, over the next three days I have to practice not only the routine but walking around in my 4 inch heels, yes I have whimped out to go for 4 inch heels but let me tell you if Jimmy Choo Couture says 4 to 4 ½ inches are the maximum then that it is good enough for me.

So, if you want to check out a taster of the routine and book a ticket to come along on Wednesday click on www.sexyheelsinthecity.com.

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