Shoes to die for by Jimmy Choo Couture

I have just been to heaven this morning, as in I just visited Jimmy Choo Couture in Connaught Street and was given an insight into the making of his absolutely divine, must have shoes.

Shoes are not just something we put on our feet to protect them, they are in fact a series of many different components and specialised crafts that create one of his master pieces. 

The team of four who create the masterpieces spend hours creating the shoe following your initial consultation ~ from the cutting of the patterns, to creating the soles, to placing the heel so they align with the shoes size and desired heel height (ideally not over 4 ½ inches), to the detail of the hand finishes which for one shoe can be anything up to a full day, to a fitting where maybe the stretching of the leather is required to accommodate a funny toe and much more, the journey is just amazing.

I saw a pair of shoes they were working on for a bridal client which were amazing as each of the 4 inch heels were covered in Swarovski crystals which had to be stuck on one crystal at a time taking over 16 hours.

So, if you want to have a pair of special shoes for that special occasion then you too need to visit Jimmy Choo Couture in Connaught Street and take the journey of style and elegance with his professional team.

On think to remember when you visit, is to take along with you the outfit or a swatch of the material that you wish to match the shoes with and, don’t worry if you are not 100% sure on the style they have loads of sketches to choose from and different styles to try on.

I will definitely be visiting again to order a pair of shoes for my wedding day as we all know shoes finish off an outfit so the look is complete.

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